Our mission is to develop PRODUCTIVE, WELL-balanced, PROFESSIONAL, CAREER-ready women that are self-ASSURED and PREPARED!



The POISE (Professional, Optimum, Independent, Successful, and Etiquette) Inc. team provides Professional Development, Social Skills Training, Career Training,  Technical Training and Housing in Jacksonville, Florida. It is a non-profit organization concerned with community advancement and development.  


POISE, Inc. was initially developed by Delmas "Dedee" Harper  under deep concern to reduce the rate of sub-standard housing and unemployment in women by providing job readiness, life skills, financial literacy, study skills, motivation, etiquette and technical training. 

The curriculum-based training along with services assist women in becoming effective, well-rounded Individuals that will achieve their highest potential in becoming successful, employed and productive citizens.  


POISE, believes in the Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory: satisfaction of  basic needs is necessary (i.e. -shelter and food)  in order to develop higher needs.  Therefore, POISE, INC works to satisfy the basic needs by providing housing assistance and/or Transitional housing along with homeownership education for future buyers.  Thereafter, POISE helps individual with  Professional development, Social and Technical skills by providing tools and training.   

POISE, also provides re-entry services and transitional housing that includes MEN through our program called "POSTURE".  Posture services will help the offender population transition into the community by providing transitional housing, professional development, Social Skills, Career and Technical Training.

POISE seeks to work in partnership with the community to provide programs and services to help create self-sufficient and empowered  individuals with the tools to become POISE --- Professional, Optimum (achieving the best) Independent, Successful, and Etiquette!

Thus the meaning of “POISE" is to be well-balanced, ready and prepared!


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