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Etiquette for Gig'sters

The release of Delmas (Dedee) Harper’s “Etiquette for Gig’sters” book introduces the concept of being a Gig’ster in the gig economy by teaching the fundamentals of appropriate business etiquette.  In the book, the author lays the groundwork for Gig’sters to advance their careers and professional growth as Entrepreneurs or Freelancers.

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About the Author

Delmas (Dedee) Harper is an etiquette consultant with a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership.  She is the founder of POISE Inc., a non-profit organization that trains individuals to become productive, career-oriented citizens.  POISE provides training and services in financial literacy, etiquette, life skills, study skills, job readiness, and affordable/transitional housing.  POISE also provides a superior education for young learners through its subsidiary POISE4Kids. Dedee is also a Real Estate investor and the broker/owner of Harper and Associates Real Estate and School, a leading real estate brokerage company and real estate school.  As a leader, she practices giving back to the community and adhering to protocol and etiquette.  She holds several designations and board positions and is an active member of numerous local and state committees.  Nothing makes her heart beat more than helping others reach their full potential and giving back to her community.

Who is a Gig'ster?

A gig’ster is anyone who undertakes work in a non-traditional form, usually on a task-by-task or contract basis. Gig'sters are self-employed, independent contractors, part-time workers, consultants, freelancers, project-based workers, or simply business owners or entrepreneurs.

Get your copy today, learn the tools to become a trusted resource, win the game as Gig’ster, and thrive in the new gig economy landscape.

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