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 Can you answer "YES"
to any of these questions?​


  • Would career preparation help you?

  • Do you lack stability with housing and your financing?

  • Do you feel unprepared or lack confidence in achieving your goals and dreams?

  • Do you have problems completing your employment application?

  • Do you have problems with budgeting money?

  • Do you understand financing (or renting) a home or automobile?

  • Do you lack an understanding of how money can work for you?

  • Do you lack the proper study or note-taking skills for work or college?

  • Will you feel uncomfortable dining out with your Boss or The President?

  • Do you want the confidence to become the next manager on your job? Or an entrepreneur?

  • Do you want what it takes to obtain your dream job?

​If you answered YES to any of these questions, then we have the right training for you!

Our mission is to develop career-ready, well-balanced individuals that are POISED and self-assured for optimal achievement. 

Call us today to register for your training!


  20% OFF 

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Today, more than ever, etiquette at work means good business.  In the first edition of “Etiquette for Gig’sters,” Dedee Harper provides proven, essential advice from resolving conflicts with ease and grace to building productive business relationships with colleagues at all levels, from successfully interacting and networking to winning clients and closing deals.  Through her personal experiences, Dedee shares nuggets and pearls to help her readers become the best in whatever field they desire.
In today’s hyper-competitive workplace, knowing professionalism and protocol can make the difference between getting ahead or behind. 

Etiquette For Gig’sters provides a foundation that helps business owners advance their careers and professional growth.  This book provides essential tools for building solid, productive relationships and assisting professionals in meeting day-to-day challenges in the Gig economy world with poise and confidence.

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